Color has always been the main focus of my artistic expression. I think my love of color harkens back to my early exposure to art. I want my work to show the joy of color and light that I discovered as a child. When I paint, I immerse myself in my work and just enjoy the process. Since color is so important to me, I paint outside only when the color is most intense; otherwise, I work in my studio. Color also influences my choice of subject matter. When I find a bright object, I arrange it to get the most visual impact. When I find an interesting location, I seek the time of day with the most color.

I have have an MFA in art from Penn State and a BA in art education from Toledo University. I will have a one person show called More Beyond at the Rehoboth Art League and a Two person show at the Bethlehem Rotunda Gallery in 2021.
I exhibit at Connections Gallery in Easton PA. I have a studio in Kutztown, PA.
My website is jancrooker.com. My cell is 610-504-0819
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