Elli Albrecht


"The vision for the series, ”Elements“, is inspired by the five elements of the natural world: water, fire, metal, wood and air. The diversity of these forms revive my curiosity and create a unique visual transformation from mind to canvas. Each component is linked to one another, constructing an arrangement of harmony, color and texture. Elements are abstract messages which convey emotions of joy and complement each other, keeping an essential balance within my world." 
-Elli Albrecht

“Creating art is a journey not a destination”. 

Elli Albrecht is a visual artist born in Krakow, Poland. She creates contemporary art based on her imaginative portraits of nature. Elli paints alternative visual experiences based on a diverse array of colors and textures. Her studio is located in Easton, PA. You can find out more about Elli and her work at: ellialbrechtstudio.com